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Mission Viejo CA Legal (949) 690-6211

Mission Viejo CA Legal  (949) 690-6211 Nazarian Law Firm
Business Name: Nazarian Law Firm

Business Address: 27871 Encanto
Mission Viejo

Business Telephone#: (949) 690-6211

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Business Category: Attorney,
Law Firm

Business Description:
The Nazarian Law Firm is a full-service firm that handles all forms of litigation and transactions. We have dedicated business litigation, entity formation, wills and trusts, and personal injury.

The Nazarian Law Firm handles all forms of litigation and transactions. A smaller but productive firm, we define our work on the important principle that we care for every client and their legal needs. Serving in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, we pride ourselves on being able to represent anyone we can, whether it be an individual case, small business, or a large company. Providing each with the same dedicated and informative assistance to their case is essential to our success and theirs.Dependable service is keeping clients well informed and properly counseled; communication is on the forefront of how we operate, so there are no surprises. Nazarian Law Firm attorneys are excellent in their own right, and as a team, we have the horsepower equivalent to a big firm.What separates the Nazarian Law Firm is the personal attention and efficiency provided to our clients that bigger firms might not be able to provide. We're passionate about the cases we work on, and strive for excellence when handling a case. Our success is measured by client satisfaction. Get in touch with us about a Free Consultation today.

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